Carlton Brass are the 2015 Midlands second second champions!
Carlton Brass

Carlton Brass is a local community-based brass band which promotes and encourages live music within Nottinghamshire. We are a Midlands First Section contesting band and enjoy performing a wide range of music at regular concerts in the Nottingham area and beyond.

Our main objective is to encourage and provide opportunities for all ages to play or learn a musical instrument, and we are particularly keen to support the development of local young people. We aim to raise both awareness and musical standards through the variety of performance.

Our band organisation founded in 1902 as the Netherfield Railwayman’s Band, and in 1950 became the Carlton Silver Band. In 1988 Nottingham City Transport’s sponsorship included renaming the band as the Nottingham City Transport Band for several years.

Since then, the Carlton Brass Association has grown and we now have two thriving bands: Carlton Brass and Burton Joyce Community Band, which is our non-contesting group.

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