The band are enjoying our rehearsals with new conductor Gary Glover – a new broom often sweeps new music into the bandroom, and while Gary has worked on some stuff already in our pads we have also seen some new music emerge from the library.

Some of this “new” music is what is of the “vintage” variety, in that we haven’t seen it before but it has existed for many decades. One such piece is an ancient arrangement of Carl Friedemann’s Slavonic Rhapsody No 2. As is traditional the parts are just about held together with bits of tape, while the paper has turned that familiar yellow tone much loved by the brass band community.

Gary is thinking that it would be a fantastic finisher for a concert, and he is right. It’s a fabulous piece of music with a frenetic, exciting finalé. It’s a bit hard on both the lips and fingers, but we all enjoyed rehearsing it last night.

We do hope to be able to play it at a future concert, but in the meantime here is the Yorkshire Building Society Band showing us how it should be done:

YBS live radio recording of Slavonic Rhapsody No 2

If you fancy having a go at this then do please come down for a blow. We are looking for a few players to complete our ranks, but anyone is welcome to come down for a blow at our Monday & Thursday rehearsals.

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