The band have been exceptionally busy preparing for the 2020 Midlands Regional Contest in Bedworth. We’ve had some ups and downs over the last year or so and some serious ground to make up in the First Section table after last year’s disappointing result.

We were hoping for a good result this year and we got one: 7th!

This was only possible thanks to the hard work of all involved, especially those new to band. We had to find a whole new percussion section and one or two other players, but everyone that joined fitted in wonderfully with our existing members. Everyone pulled together and we were really happy with our preparations.


Our performance on stage was everything we wanted – nothing was left in the band room. We played it absolutely as best as we could and we were delighted with the result. We avoided relegation to the Second Section and have improved our position for next year too.

We had some really nice comments in the adjudicators’ remarks: ‘Stylish solo cornet – bravo’, ‘bravo soprano’, ‘good solo horn’, ‘bravo percussion – all of you’ and ‘fine Euphonium playing’ were some of the lovely things written by Chris Wormald.

We are extremely thankful to Geoff Wood whose musical direction was essential to our improvement since the new year. His guidance and humour made our rehearsals fun and meaningful and meant we have had our best result in a long time. Thanks also goes to Tony Wilson, who filled in for Geoff while he was away and helped in the final preparations with fine-tuning our approach.

We have enjoyed playing Tom Davoren’s Legacy, but it is time for it to be placed into the band library while we find something else to play. There are quite a few earworms in this test piece that require replacing with something loud and jazzy!

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