Verona Lights

Band Number 11 Points 188 Place 1st

V.good to open and all goes well to (C) and to (D). Troms do well. Horn take over not quite as smooth. (F) Good.. Cornets do well (G) Well done horns and cornets also at (H). Moderato perc don’t correspond to basses etc. (I) Good. Soloists play well.(J) Perc better here! Cornets/Horns do well. Andante is well played and (K). Also a good full sound.(L) Maybe a touch more baritone but flug does really well, great sound. (M) is effective (N) is again very well played. A very good close to tempo primo. Good control shown here(R) Very Neat! Allegro excellent! Tempo primo good atmosphere and all goes well to a great ending.

A very good show throughout. Well thought out by the MD. Well Done.


John Maines

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