It would be fair to say that 2014 was not the best year for Carlton Brass. A poor result at the area contest saw us relegated to the Second Section and we have lost a player or two along the way for one reason or another.

However, we start the new year in much ruder health. We have successfully filled up our complement of players and we are aiming to start our first year back in the second section with a strong showing at Bedworth on the 8th March.

Joining us from the Fairfield (Buxton) Band are the Sutton family; Steve (bass trombone), Helen (flugel) and Shelby (euphonium). The Suttons have helped us out during 2014 and have signed up with Carlton Brass for the area this year. It is an absolute pleasure to have them among our ranks this year.

We have also gained a few new players through our connections with the University of Nottingham. Kate Smith and Katie Roberts join us on cornet and Andrew Scoins on baritone. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Our bass section has also benefited from the resurrection of a pair of retired bassists. Ray Ward has returned on Eb bass while Martin Brown has been coaxed back to the BBb after a long hiatus. Our bottom end very much appreciates your low frequency rumblings gentlemen.

Earlier in 2014 we were also lucky enough to gain Linda Allison on horn and Jenni Barrow on cornet. Thank you for joining us ladies.

We said goodbye to Dave Cutting and Denise Clarke in 2014, along with Stephen MacDonald and David Williams. May your new bands benefit from your musical excellence as greatly as we did while you were with us.

We would also like to thank all the other players that have jumped in a helped out at various concerts and contests throughout 2014. We wouldn’t have been able to continue without you all and we are very grateful.

The band hope that 2015 is full of excellent brass sounds and perhaps the odd contest prize. Please do look out for us in Nottingham and surrounding areas in the coming year. Thank you to all those that have listened to us in the past – please do spread the word!

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