Burton Joyce Community Band Vacancies

We have vacancies!!

But before we get to that…

We’re not your usual training or youth band. Despite the running joke that we’ve been training for years now(!) we’re actually an accomplished band with many veteran players. Sure we take on a lot of youngsters, but we also invite adults of any age to take up or favorite past time. In order for this to work though, we also need competant players to back up those fledgling bandies.

We attend the odd contest to test our mettle, and pitch ourselves around 4th section. We take a relaxed approach to contesting though. Our musical director, the esteemed Geoff Hawley, pushes us with some challenging pieces; all in the name of progress. But at the end of the day, the majority of the band are here for the good times and to enjoy ourselves.

If you’re looking for a band, maybe you used to contest but are after a quieter life or can no longer commit to the rigors of contest rehearsals; we submit to you that we are that band you’ve been searching for.

So what vacancies do we have right now?

Cornet, including soprano. Front and back row.
Bass, either flavour.
Baritone horn
Tenor horn
Flugel horn
Trombones, bass and tenor.

You may be looking at this list thinking “but that’s a whole band!” and you’d be right. In reality we do have people playing in these positions, but that’s never a reason to turn anyone that wants to play away.

We do especially need some strong cornet players, but if you want to join our 8-strong trombone section don’t let that deter you!