Strata Brass win Lakeside

Strata Brass and David Hirst come out on top at the lovely surroundings of the Lakeside.

Strata Brass conducted by David Hirst came out on top at the Lakeside Brass Extravaganza Open Entertainments Contest.

Their 25 minute entertainment programme found favour with adjudicator David Read and resulted in the band picking up the top prize of £300 and the George Slattery Memorial Cup.

Second place went to Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare a point behind conducted by Geoff Hawley and Kirkby Colliery Welfare came in third in the seven band field.

Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds picked up the award for the highest placed Fourth Section band when they came an excellent fourth place, whilst the solo prize was picked up by the Sam Scutt soprano player of Leicester Co-op Band.

1. Strata Brass – 189 points (David Hirst)
2. Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare – 188 points (Geoff Hawley)
3. Kirkby Colliery Welfare – 186 points (Huw Thomas)
4. Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds – 185 points (Brian Draper)

Most Entertaining Band: Strata Brass
Highest 4th Section Band (not in prizes): Bestwood
Best Soloist: Sam Scutt Leicester Co-op (Sop)

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