We’ve been having a terrific last few months finding our lips again, and we’ve managed to find some new friends along the way. We have an almost full band now (just need a cornet or two) and are delighted that these new players have agreed to join us.

New members
New members

We are pleased to welcome: Katherine Spencer on trombone, Eve Foley on cornet, John Newberry on Euphonium, (er, what is Ken doing there?) Craig Anderson on Bb Bass and Tony Magee on Eb Bass. Not shown, but also very welcome along, is Heather Denholm on cornet.

Craig is back for his third stint with the band, and it is great to see him again. Tony lives in Fife, but that hasn’t stopped him making his way to rehearsals (although his local job helps).

Ken Dunkin is representing the old school of Carlton Brass, having joined the organisation before any of the other members of the band were even born. He’s still bringing his superb baritone skills to the stand even though he’s now into his 90s. He’s not allowed to retire.

Andy Mac

Sadly, we’ve had a couple of retirements. Chairman and Bb bass Andy McCormack has stepped back from band to enjoy his retirement. Steph Graham has also taken some time out from horn. They have both been with the band for a good number of years and we will miss them greatly – enjoy your Mondays and Thursdays back, but do know that you are welcome along any time.

Rehearsals have been great since we’ve been back in the band room, and we are always happy for guest players to come along and join in. We start at 7:30pm Mondays and Thursdays at our own space at 23 Meadow Rd, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2FR. It’s worth it just to watch the front row cornets go red in the face during Great Gates of Kiev!

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