The Midlands Area approaches and Carlton Brass are busy working up this year’s challenging test piece Pentacle. Written by Graham Cole, and based on the myths and legends surrounding the ancient symbol of the same name, the piece is proving to be a bit of a handful.

Pentacle is a very modern brass band piece of music and contains some very clever, if difficult, musical ideas. Most themes are created around the use of fives which makes for some interesting intervals and time changes, however the band has been working hard at rehearsals and will be ready for the challenge.

Once again the area contest is being held in Bedworth with 16 bands competing in the first section. Results from the North-West and Yorkshire regionals have suggested the piece is proving to be a real test for many bands.

Brass band news website 4barsrest is predicting us to come third on Saturday. We will see, but if we do achieve that position we will almost certainly be promoted to the Championship Section for 2010.

Now there’s a prospect even scarier (if exciting) than performing Pentacle.

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