Bramcote crematorium was packed to capacity with over 200 people gathered together with family, friends and the banding community there to celebrate the “Life of Hayley” on Tuesday 11th of October 2005. Carlton Brass augmented to 35 played some of Hayley’s most loved music before the service.

haleyThe service was lead by Pastor Andy Fish of Carlton who had a magic way with words and he lead the service with just the right approach capturing Hayley’s life with tender care and emotion that went to everyone’s heart.

Dave Blackley, Hayley’s Biology teacher, told us all about her school life and some of her most guarded school secrets, this was echoed by heart rendering readings from her former class mates which brought tears of joy and sorrow to us all.

The most moving parts of the service were the playing of her favourite pieces of music and the laying of single rose’s on her coffin.

After the one hour celebration Carlton Brass played selections of music from –Cats, The Sound of Music, and a tear jerking rendition of John Rutter’s Pie Jesu played perfectly by Alan Tyler. The chance was also taken to perform a Swiss March by Maurice Donzé who was Hayley’s great grand father; this had been expertly transcribed by Brendan Morris. The last number was “The Young Amadeus” the band was at its finest here playing with all its heart.

I now mention with pride the following players and friends of Hayley that played with Carlton Brass at the service and we extend our warm appreciation to them all….

In no particular order they are –

Sharon Newton from Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Band

Lynden & Mell Cooper from Newstead Welfare Band

Janice & Alan Gregory from Newstead Welfare Band

Mark Gregory from Thoresby Band

John Gregory from Stocksbridge Band

Hayley will be very much missed by everyone but my personal memories of her are, how she always managed to get to the front of the bar at the Fox on a Friday night to order her Coke, the way she would collect money for the 50/50 club by saying “You owe my Mummy £2”. And finally my pants will never be the same after she managed to empty nearly a full bottle of perfume over them after this year’s area contest as she joined in the fun.

Hayley you will be dearly missed by us all, BUT your sprit lives on within the Band forever.


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