By our special correspondent Phil Scott

Saturday 19th February

Humperwink in action

Carlton Brass celebrated another highly successful year by holding our annual band social event.

The “To me To you” gang

We were joined in the celebrations by members of Carlton Brass Training Band and Nottingham City Transport Band, all part of the Carlton Band Organisation.

Our friends from Ransomes Band, who helped make our recent trip to France such a success, also joined in the fun at the Phoenix Pub in Gedling.

Phil and the Training Band

The night was very special this year as we were able to honour a very important member of our organisation. Vice president Fred Straw, presented the George Slattery Memorial Cup to Gwen Wooley, assistant musical director of Carlton Brass Training Band, for her fantastic commitment to the youth element of our organisation .Gwen can be found at the Carlton Band room almost every day of the week. Apart from providing individual tuition most weekday evenings and weekends, she also runs two junior band sessions on separate nights. On top of this she is a member of the main training band (which she often conducts) and she still finds time to sit on the back row with Nottingham City Transport band twice a week.

Gwen and Fred

A highly enjoyable night was had by all band members, family and supporters with good food, copious amounts of drink and some very dodgy karaoke performances led by our very own “Humperwink” and joined by the “To Me To You Gang” (thank goodness we are more tuneful on the contest stage). Then it was Raffle time! Ask Jo Riseley about that one !

Jo Riseley before the Raffle !

Returning to the theme of educating our youngsters, principle cornet Alan Tyler, who reached his 60th last year, was finally deemed to be of a suitable age to join our elder statesmen and founding fathers – the septuagenarian trio of Fred Straw, Frank Knowles and Ken Dunkin (aka the last of the summer wine), in a lesson of how to hold a proper bandsman’s celebration. Not only is Alan now a former member of “Men O’ Brass” but is now a fully fledged member of “Men O’ Glass”.

“Men O Glass” in Action !!


The evening rounded off a great 2004 for Carlton Brass with promotion to the second section, a successful overseas visit, and numerous trophies on the contest stage. It also helped kick off what is expected to be an equally successful 2005, which started in fine style by them being recently crowned the Butlins National Mineworkers second section champions.

Dave Bird failing his audition for Carlton Brass

The TB Girls

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