Fred Straw

Fred Straw

It is with great sadness that Carlton Brass announce the passing away, after a long illness, of our life President Fred Straw on Sunday 29th April. Fred was always the bands greatest supporter and he will be sadly missed by all those friends he made in his decades of service to the band as player, chairman and President.
A full eulogy wil be posted in the next few days. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Fred’s family at this sad time.

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  1. THank you so much for your kind words. Dad loved the band – it was most definitely his second family. In more recent years Keith & I have enjoyed following you too and shall probably continue to do so. Dad enjoyed listening to his Brass CDs very much these last few weeks from stirring Sally Army to Peter Mellors. It’s a pity he did not get to share Fairey’s ‘Acid Brass’ with us which only arrived on Saturday.

  2. Fred will be sorely missed but also very fondly remembered. Here are a few comments from the bands Facebook page.

    Wouter Barten – So sorry to read this sad news. We will always remember him as part of the Last of the Summer Wine Trio in Carlton Brass. RIP Fred and thank you for the great memories you have given us during my time at Carlton Brass.

    Simon Cheetham – Sorry to hear this sad news. Fred truly was a lovely man and a ‘true bandsman’ I too have fond memories of the Last of the Summer Wine crew at Carlton. Thoughts with Fred’s family and friends.

    Michelle Donzé – Sorry to hear the sad news, fred was a lovely kind man who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. Love to all his family at this sad time xx Michelle, Martin & Kim xxx RIP Fred xxx

  3. Thank you for posting kind words about our father and posting a lovely photo. As my sister Elaine says the Band was very much his love from the 1940s (maybe even late 1930s?) until the Autumn of 2011 when he became too ill to visit the band room. His cornet was always polished and ready but in later years he ran out of puff. He particularly liked to encourage the youngsters through.

    The illness through which he endured was very unkind as he’d have had many more years with us all had it not been for his exposure to asbestos on the railways at Colwick & Nottingham MPDs in the 1940s & 50s. At least he is at peace now along with his wife Margaret, Bernard & Frank from the band and so many others.

    The funeral and a reception are being organised and we’ll let you know when the details are finalised.

    Paul Straw (youngest son with no musical talent at all!)

  4. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the past and present members of Carlton Brass, and all the other incarnations of the band over more than 60 years, for the friendship and musical fellowship that you shared with my Dad – Fred. As well as his beloved Brass Band music, Dad enjoyed listening to and playing a variety of music including Swing and Jazz, which was the music he began playing in bands in the 1940s. Although it is now a few years since I last heard the trill of him playing the cornet, much less the sop. Cornet, his old clockwork Maëlzel metronome, in front of me now, has truly wound down. Fortunately many examples of his playing can still be heard through earlier recordings by the band and I for one will never be able to hear a piece of Brass music again without remembering his kind and caring manner and lovely smile.

  5. Thank you to everyone in the band for your kind words about Grandpa. He will be missed by all of us a great deal.

    As a trombone player during my junior and secondary school days, Grandpa was always a source of encouragement, sheet music, music stands and (once) a trombone! I remember as a child not being able to fathom how he played a cornet (something that had more to do with ice-cream than music as a youngster) however as I grew and understood his love for his instrument, the band and music, I found Grandpa to be an inspiration. I think my love of music is definitely genetic and a part of him will always live on inside of me and I trust the band to do their part in maintaining his spirit as well.

    I’m sure he’s enjoying that great gig in the sky (whisky in hand of course!).

  6. I will always remember the look of surprise on my lovely Granddad’s face when Carlton Brass Band came to play at his 80th Birthday. This is one of the many fond memories I have of him and one I will cherish forever. Thank you to everyone at the Band for being an amazing second family to him and I know how much joy you all gave him.

    I am sure he will be listening down on every performance (whiskey in hand) you do and willing you all to play the best you can.

    Rest in Peace Granddad, You will be sorely missed but always loved and cherished.

  7. Thank you to everyone at CB for your lovely words and I can only say he was the most kind and loving Grandad and Great-Grandad I could have wished for. As Helen says, it was a great day when you all came to his 80th Birthday and we also enjoyed seeing you in East Bridgford last summer.

    I am very honoured and happy that he got to know my small daughter and find comfort knowing that she made him smile right up to the end.

    Grandad loved the band and took great pride in your achievements and he missed being with you in recent months. We will continue to see you play and go from strength to strength.

    Sleep well now Grandad, enjoy the music and being with the others.

    We love you, Claire, Lucas & Maia xxx

  8. So sorry to hear about Fred, he will be very dearly missed. He was a very wise man and a great band chap. My thoughts go to the family and the band.

  9. Thank you for all these beautiful comments and kind thoughts. This just goes to show how loved, respected, appreciated, and cherished my Grandpa was – and still will be – in all of our hearts.

    I remember him saying to me once that he always preferred to be the one entertaining rather than being part of the audience… a sentiment that shows his generosity of spirit, desire to make people happy, and of course his immense love for the music.

    Be at peace Grandpa, love you always, Mark and Amy xx

  10. I have many happy memories of Fred from various beer-soaked brass band locations. He always had a story to tell, especially while in the chalet at Pontin’s with Frank and Ken, late at night.

    He was a true gent and he’ll be greatly missed by all of us at band.

    It was an utter pleasure to know you Fred.

    Much love to your family

  11. Just heard the news about Fred.A true band enthusiast who will be missed.

    Condolences to all the family, and as with so many comments, happy memories of the famous last of the summer wine trio.

  12. I would just like to echo the comments of my mum, sisters, uncles and cousins on here and thank you all for your lovely words, it’s nice to know that granddad was so well loved and respected amongst his musical peers.
    My main memory of granddad and the band are from my 1 year wedding anniversary at the Wollaton Cricket Club. It was great to hear some of your music on a very special occasion for us, and many of my friends commented how lucky we were to be given such a unique gift. Afterwards, everyone was able to partkae in the St Leonards carols round the pump, further adding to the atmosphere of uniqueness that night.
    My kids, granddads eldest great-grand children, love him very much and miss him sorely, and unfortunately are at that age where they are getting to understand. It was certainly the hardest conversation i’ve ever had telling my daughter.
    Love you granddad, so we couldn’t spend more time with you over the last few years, one of my only regrets in life.
    Keep on rockin CB

  13. So sad to hear about Fred.
    He was such a dedicated bandsman who gave huge encouragement to all players whatever their talents.
    Many happy memories that will stay with me forever.
    My thoughts to the family.

  14. Fred, I’m really grateful to have met you and shall be honoured to play at your service tomorrow. You will be missed enormously by allx

  15. I would just like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU from all the family to the band for their presence at, and wonderful musical contribution to, Dad’s funeral yesterday. We were overwhelmed by your support and very moved by the music. I could not see the soloist for Crimond but it was beautifully played. So many people said that they really enjoyed the service – a wonderful tribute. Thank you once again for making Dad’s day so special.

  16. Just to agree with Elaine and also say a big thank you to you all for Wednesday. Crimond was lovely and I was so pleased that we were able to take Dad out of the church to Cornet Carillon – he would have loved it.

  17. I echo what Elaine & Chris said about the band at Dad’s funeral – it made it a really special occasion and, if a funeral can be “good”, then that’s as good as it gets.

    At the reception after the funeral we said we’d be in touch with the band about a little something Fred wanted to do for the band. We haven’t forgotten! It’s just taking a lot of time to get Dad’s estate tidied up! Watch this space!

    Paul Straw

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