Bass Trombone & Percussionists needed

Carlton Brass require a talented and committed bass trombonist. We have strong trombone and bass sections and a quality player  would put us in an excellent position for all the forthcoming contests, including Butlins in January and the First Section Area in March.

We also need percussionists, preferrably tuned percussion players. Our concert and contest musical programmes requires increasing amounts of drums, timps and glocks etc, and so any interested percussionists are encouraged to come for a play on our kit.

Additionally, the band needs a cornet player to sit on the front row plus a baritone/euphonium player.

Applicants are welcome to visit the bandroom during our Monday and Friday rehearsals. See our Contacts page for committee members or contact our Chairman John Bailey on (0115) 9117556 or (0773) 8604528

3 thoughts on “Bass Trombone & Percussionists needed

  1. Now then Mr Rutt, get this website updated. Not heard any news of the band.
    Did Carlin live to see 53
    Is the FB club still meeting.
    How you going for the areas.

    Catch ya soon

    Does the band want a gig on 26th June for my 50th

  2. Now then lads and lasses, its only 2 peoples opinion that you came that low. Look on the bright side you will still be able to go to Butlins next January. Just need to start taking it a bit more seriously.
    All the best with your St Georges day stuff, see ya when I come back.

  3. Cheers John. There were quite a few sad faces yesterday – thought we’d played better than that, but you know how it goes…

    Hope you’re having fun out there. The FB club isn’t quite the same without you 😉

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