Team Members Profile

Elaine Golding


Elaine is the daughter of one of our most legendary band members, Fred Straw. Elaine has taken on the role of President of the band organisation, while also helping the band with public relations activities.

Barbara Miller

Vice President

Barbara is a local councillor and supporter of our band

Meredith Lawrence

Vice President

Meredith is a local councillor and supporter of the band

John Hunt

John Hunt has been a member of the Carlton Brass Organisation for many years and spends much of his spare time playing bass for the Training Band.

Gary Wyatt

Musical Director

Steve Parker

Soprano cornet, Equipment Secretary

Soprano cornet maestro, he of the high notes and tendency to go red in the face.

Andy Allison

Principal Cornet, treasurer

Top dog on the cornet section and Tico Tico wizard. Andy has played in various incarnations of bands in the organisation for many years. He is the current band treasurer and sound-proofing engineer.

Dave Pearce

Solo Cornet

Dave has joined the band this year, along with his wife Della, and plays with us on Solo Cornet. Welcome to the band Dave!

James Conheeney

Solo Cornet

From Sheffield. Likes beer.

Geoff Hawley

Solo Cornet

As well as conducting the training band, Geoff has played several instruments with Carlton Brass and is currently sitting on the front row.

Dave Rutt

Repiano Cornet, Contest Secretary

Dave is tall and enjoys a good brass band. He is the repiano cornet and contest secretary for Carlton Brass.

Jenni Barrow

Second Cornet, Band Secretary

Jenni is proud parent to one member of Carlton Brass, grandparent to another. She can normally be found tooting away on second cornet like a champ

Charlotte Pearce

Charlotte is Della's daughter, talented back-row tooter and awesome singer

Phil Scott

Third Cornet

Phil has been tooting away on the back row for a number of years. He has been the band treasurer previously, but his real talent is playing louder on bottom Cs than anyone in human history

Helen Sutton

Flugel Horn

Some text about Helen here

Della Pearce

Flugel, secretary

Della has come out of retirement to join us on Flugel. She has previously played at Championship standard bands and is very welcome here at Carlton Brass.

Andy Gillie

Solo Horn, PR

Andy has joined us on Solo Horn recently from the City of Birmingham Brass Band, after moving to Nottingham for work. He has also taken on the role of Public Relations for us.

Lynda Allison

1st Horn

Steph Graham

Second Horn

Anne Cockayne


Anne has played cornet for both the Training Band and main band, but is currently trying her hand at horn. She is taking a break for the time being so that she can finish her PhD, but we hope to see her again soon.

Barrie Tupper

Solo Euphonium

Shelby Sutton

Second Euphonium

Sadie Fletcher

Solo Baritone

Ken Dunkin

Second Baritone

Alan Carlin

Solo Trombone

Brendan Morris

Second Trombone

Bren is one of the longest-serving members of the Carlton Band organisation, having played cornet for many years in Carlton Silver Band, then NCT and now trombone for Carlton Brass.

Steve Sutton

Bass Trombone

Some text about Steve here

Ray Ward

Eb Bass

Some text about Ray here

John Yarker

Eb Bass

Dave Kirkby

Eb Bass

Dave plays the Eb bass, enjoys the odd beer and improves the looks of the bass section.

Clive Brocklehurst

Bb Bass, Chairman

Clive is an old bass warhorse in the Carlton Brass Organisation, having played for many years in various incarnations. He has enjoyed much success during his time at Nottingham City Transport, and has helped Carlton Brass to the second section title in 2015. He is the current Chairman of the organisation.

Martin Brown

Bb Bass

Andrew Wood


Woody is the rhythm master, the kit wizard and general jazz genius that powers the band through many a great performance.

Rowena Wood


Pounder of the skins and terroriser of the timps, Rowena can be found bouncing around at the back of the band creating some wonderful rhythms and entertaining dance moves.

Alice Fletcher


Alice is our expert glock basher and triangle tingler.

Katie Roberts

Solo Cornet

Katie is a student at the University of Nottingham.

Freya Lunn

Second Cornet

Kate Smith

Solo cornet

Kate is a Nottingham University student from Andover

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